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Our guards set the industry standard. No other agency has higher requirements for appearance, aptitude and integrity. And no other agency puts as much time and energy into personnel supervision as EPIC.

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Demand the agency that has been NY/NJ's top Security Service For 35+ years!

A recent US Government analysis shows that using a security service instead of your own staff can cut security costs by more than 30%. When you're ready to make that move, why not demand the most of your security service?

EPIC Security Corp. is the largest and best equipped provider of uniformed security guards in NYC and the NY/NJ Metro Area.

EPIC is immediately ready to supply the full contingent of uniformed guards, uniformed supervisors, 2 way radios, radio motor patrol vehicles, firearms, metal detectors, and all other necessary personnel and equipment for any size security assignment.

EPIC is fully staffed and fully operational 24 hours a day.

When you call EPIC, you will never get a telephone answering machine or answering service. When you call EPIC, you will never get an out-of-town or "National" call center person who doesn't know the difference between The Bronx and Brooklyn.

EPIC never sub-contracts or provides off-duty guards. All EPIC personnel are full-duty, fully-trained, fully-licensed and fully-uniformed in EPIC uniforms. All the photographs and depictions of security personnel, security vehicles and security worksites you see on this website are authentic. There are no "stock" photos on the EPIC website. We don't need that. We're for real.

EPIC never uses personal, compact nor any other sub-standard security vehicles. All EPIC Radio Motor Patrol Vehicles are full-size and fully-equipped late model FORD 4-wheel drive police-type vehicles. All EPIC RMPs are equipped with Federal Vector emergency lighting/communications systems and 24-hour GPS tracking systems.

All EPIC vehicles have the full EPIC graphic designs that have become a very familiar sight on the streets and highways of the Metro Area. When you see those familiar EPIC vehicles on the streets of New York and New Jersey, you know that this is a company that means business.

In 2014, EPIC will mark 35+ years of providing "Top Security At Unbeatable Rates" sm to many thousands of corporations, businesses, organizations, City/State/Federal government agencies and foreign governments. Are you ready to add your name to that list?

  • Armed & Unarmed Security Officers
  • Trained by the Private Police Academy®
  • Building, Block & Neighborhood Patrols
  • Radio Motor Patrol Vehicles/Fully Equipped
  • Temporary/Emergency/Special Events Security
  • Apartment & Office Buildings/Door & Lobby Service
  • Hotels/Shopping Malls/Retail Stores
  • Banks/Jewelers/Art Galleries/Museums
  • Hospitals/Clinics/Medical Offices
  • Schools/Colleges/Campuses
  • Religious Institutions/Facilities
  • Construction Sites/Demolition Sites
  • FDNY Certified Fire Guards
  • Gated Communities
  • Parking Lots/Garages/Car Dealerships
  • Factories/Warehouses/Night Watchmen
  • Assisted Living/Nursing/Youth Homes
  • TV/Movie Production-Studio & Location Security
  • Foreign Consulate/Embassy/Mission Guards

How to choose the right security guard service.

For tips on choosing the right security guard service for you, click below to read “Security problems keeping you up at night?” by Selwyn Falk, CPP – as published in Real Estate Journal.
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EPIC Security & the EPIC Shield are US and Canada Registered Service Marks of EPIC Security Corp

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